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Anita Zhang张涵


Anita Zhang is currently one of the most trusted and most proficient property agents in the southern suburbs of Brisbane.

Anita has a successful background of media profession, which advantaged her to build up strong networks of interpersonal relations with prestigious professionals, wealthiest and government officials both in China and Australia.

The saying is true that the value of a property depends on its position; and the potential of a successful property agent depends on her/his strong and broad ties with right people.

Anita’s success resulted from her passion, diligence and her sense of responsibility for profession, and her extraordinary ties in China and Australia in particular. Her success tells clients that she can do things that are thorny to peer fellows.

In addition to property sales, Anita is proved very successful in mortgage as well. Anita is your powerful agent, if you are thinking of quick and valued selling of your property, or you are seeking for home loan.

Anita is always delighted to be contacted to discuss your need in selling or purchasing property, or mortgage.