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Rachel Zhao赵亚男

Sales consultant

As a trusted real estate agent and advisor for her clients, Rachel understands that selling and/or buying properties is not only multifaceted but also deeply personal.

There is also a lot at stake financially and personally for the client. Having a deep understanding of this perspective on the process, Rachel feels a strong responsibility towards her clients and strives to truly be an expert at the job. Rachel has a strong grasp of the players, the market and all the variables involved within a real estate transaction. She aims to ensure that you feel supported from the beginning to the end of the process. 

Rachel identifies and excels at understanding and executing within the real estate environment. As a seller, you want to market the home effectively and beautifully; and then negotiate to secure the highest possible price and cleanest terms for the sale. 

As a buyer, you want a patient, and understanding advisor to help you buy the right home, at the best possible price. In simpler terms, you want to make sure there is no money left on the table. This is where Rachel steps in to partner with you as your advisor and agent. 

With an upbringing in Brisbane, Rachel is familiar with the suburban and urban areas of Brisbane. This not only gives her the advantage of having the fundamental knowledge of the housing market within Brisbane, but also allows her to point out the small niches of each area within Brisbane. Rachel studies both in interior and graphics. Having a degree in Design, Rachel  possesses the ability to market a house beautifully and efficiently as a seller but also accurately pinpoint possible advantages and disadvantages of the property as a buyer.

The reason behind Rachel’s success, is her transparency, directness, strong listing marketing, expert negotiations, and professionalism.